Tips & Tricks

Here’s compilation of Tips & Tricks I’ve collected over the years.

Bacon Crumbles Conversion Chart
1/4 Cup = 4 Slices
1/3 Cup = 5 Slices
1/2 Cup = 8 Slices
2/3 Cup = 10 Slices
3/4 Cup = 12 Slices
1 Cup = 16 Slices
Baking Tips
  • To make a cake extra moist and fluffy, add a pack of instant pudding to the mix (the same flavor that you are baking) and change the ingredients to 2 eggs, 1/2 cup oil and 1 cup water. Cooking time remains the same.
  • Keep eggs at room temperature when making meringue to create more volume.
  • Prevent your cheesecake from cracking during baking by placing a shallow pan of hot water on the bottom rack and keeping the over door shut during baking.
  • A Cheesecake needs several hours to chill and set.
  • For a perfectly cut cheesecake, dip the knife in hot water and clean it after each cut.
  • Spray your knife blade with vegetable oil to prevent dried fruit from sticking to the knife when cutting.
  • Instead of folding nuts into your brownie batter, sprinkle them on top of the batter before baking. This keeps the nuts crunchy instead of soggy.
  • Only use glass or shiny metal pans when making brownies. Dark or nonstick pans will cause brownies to become soggy and low in volume.
  • Cutting bars is easier if you score the bars as soon as you remove the pan from the oven. When the bars cool, cut along the scored lines.
Appetizers, Soups & Salads Tips
  • Allow 4-6 appetizers per guest if a meal quickly follows. If a late meal is planned, allow 6-8 appetizers per guest. If no meal follows, allow 8-10 pieces per guest.
  • Cheese should be served at room temperature – approximately 70 degrees.
  • Ideally, cold soups should served in chilled bowls.
  • Your fruit salads will look better when you use an egg slicer to make perfect slices of strawberries, kiwis or bananas.
  • For pasta salads, always cook pasta al dente (slightly chewy to the bite). This allows the pasta to absorb some of the dressing and not become too mushy.


Miscellaneous Tips
  • Any recipe that says “add one egg” can be made better. Just separate the white from the yolk. The white when beaten separately add bubbles and makes the finished product lighter.
  • Soup or stew too salty? Add a raw potato. The potato absorbs the salt, so discard potato when done.
  • Lettuce leave absorb fat. Place a few in pot and the fat will cling to the leaves.
  • Lump less gravy can be made by adding a pinch of salt to the flour before mixing it with water.
  • Ice cubes will also eliminate fat from soup and stew. Just drop a few in and stir, the fat will cling to the ice. Remove ice before it melts.
  • Soupy whipped cream can be saved by adding an egg white, chill thoroughly. Repeat for a fluffy surprise.
  • A few drops of lemon juice can be added to whipping cream to help it whip faster and better.
  • A thin slice cut from each end of the potato will help it bake faster.
  • Place a small piece of bread in a container of brown sugar and keep lid firmly closed to keep the sugar from hardening.


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