Strawberry Fluff
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Adjust Servings:
1 Box Strawberry Jello
1 Cup Boiling Water
1 Cup Crushed Ice
1 Pkg Vanilla Pudding Mix
20 oz Crushed Pineapples
4 Cups Mini Marshmallows
8 oz Whipped Topping
16 oz Chopped Strawberries
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Strawberry Fluff

Posted By Chef Rodney on April 15th, 2018 under Puddings, Mousses & Custards

I want to focus on my salad.

— Martha Stewart
  • 15 min
  • Serves 8
  • Easy
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If you are looking for an easy to make treat then this Strawberry Fluff is for you. Probably one of the easiest recipes you will ever make and the result is a delicious cool flavorful treat!


I have to assume that it’s called “fluff” because it has a fluffy consistency? if I am wrong, let me know by leaving a comment below. Regardless of where the name came from, this is a great treat for the whole family!


How to Make this Recipe


In a medium bowl, add strawberry jello. Add boiling water and stir until dissolved.


Add crushed ice to the jello mixture and stir until melted. Place into refrigerator for at least 10 minutes or until the jello begins to set.


In a separate bowl, add crushed pineapples (do not drain).  Add vanilla pudding and mix well. 


Add all the remaining ingredients and stir.


Fold the strawberry jello mixture into the whipped topping mixture and stir until smooth.


Cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least one hour before serving.


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